Experience and development since 1987.

Lantier was founded in 1987, in Tolosa, the heart of Spanish paper making technology, located in the Basque Country, one of the most advanced industrial manufacturing areas in Europe.

Since our foundation, Lantier developed and expanded from a small local business based on the experience and reputation of our founders to a reliable international partner with an expert team in the design and manufacture of productivity solutions for paper machines as doctors, showers, tail cutters and profiling systems.

The solutions provided by Lantier, not only involve the installation of the technology that is suited to the customer’s needs, but they also include all the technical knowledge and experience of a team of experts in engineering, a company capable of producing completely customized equipment, and providing on-site installation, ongoing technical support and dedicated after-sales service.

In a market as the paper industry, where productivity is a key point, Lantier combines the know-how, the applied technology, and the personalized service all around the world for providing benefits in terms of paper quality, personal safety, and efficiency in the manufacturing of all sorts of paper, board and tissue.


In a sector undergoing continuous technological development and constantly adapting to new markets and new uses of paper. Adaptability also in solutions for new paper machines and in optimization of existing machines.
Know How
Complete knowledge of the paper manufacturing process and its critical areas, where the difference lies in the specific know-how, the customization of a product solution that satisfies each individual need and an ongoing service that is closer to the customer.
In solutions for critical processes that require the implementation of reliable, proven technologies that have been implemented and tested at a global level, offering safety and dependability in their operation.
In keeping with Lantier’s constant commitment to continuous improvement since its foundation, each solution provided for the customer incorporates cutting-edge technology that focuses on maximum efficiency and performance.
Lantier is fully oriented towards the customers’ needs.
Understanding the manufacturing process, appreciating expectations, responding to each challenge faced, going that extra step further in the solution proposed, listening to the customer, and responding.
That is the real difference. A comprehensive service.
What is important about the technology and the service is not so much the functional value of the product but the immediate benefits of its incorporation in a provided solution.


  • Commitment to customized comprehensive solutions

Taking that extra step. Each product is part of a comprehensive solution that allows greater performance efficiency of the paper machine. Thus, the aim of Lantier is to propose totally customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer.

  • Commitment beyond installation

Since its foundation, Lantier has strived to offer a comprehensive service to its customers, from the engineering, manufacture and installation of the solution provided in the machine, to after-sales, maintenance, consultancy and other services.

  • Commitment to ongoing technical support

In its commitment to service, Lantier wants to extend its technological solution beyond the installation and support on the machine. Lantier is dedicated to providing maximum efficiency and productivity improvements that are sustainable over time, thereby enabling continuous advancement of critical aspects of paper machine performance.

  • Commitment to reliability

The experience acquired over the years in the installation of doctors and other productivity solutions for paper machines has helped forge Lantier’s reputation. Lantier’s technologies and solutions are renowned for their guaranteed effectiveness and reliability.

  • Commitment to continuous improvement

In a sector with constant development and technological change, it is always possible to improve and optimize the performance of the machines installed. Lantier, in the spirit of continuous improvement, technological innovation and customer service, guarantees that it will always seek to take that extra step in each solution provided to always be at the forefront of the sector.

Lantier Facilities

Lantier all equipments are designed and manufactured in Europe – Spain.