Improve quality of the sheet


Improve machine efficiency


Improve productivity


Cost saving

Safety for Processes and People
The paper manufacturing process has many critical aspects. Eliminating breakages and dust, preventing fires, automating processes, avoiding jamming and manual operations, are all critical elements. It requires expert engineering and service to provide safety for both the operations and for the people.
Quality of the Sheet
Small details make a big difference in terms of the paper’s quality. The forming of the sheet, the moisture profile, the absence of marks, etc. make the difference between good paper quality and excellence.
Cost saving
Achieving an effective balance to improve the performance of the machines at the lowest possible cost is a commercial goal. Saving energy, water or consumables are intrinsic principles in each technological solution provided by Lantier.
Efficiency of the machine
24 hours operation at maximum performance is the ideal goal. Improving the performance of the clothing, presses, dryers and the Yankee help to achieve successful papermaking, both in terms of quality and efficiency.
In the papermaking process, where every hour of operation is important, the ability to eliminate unforeseen stoppages, optimize the lifetime of components, maximize uptime and monito all this in real time, is a source of competitive advantage for the papermaker a fundamental goal of Lantier.